Odd Fellows POP-UP RECORDING STUDIO - August 2017

POP-UP STUDIO: Odd Fellows Temple – 8-31 August 2017

Hey musicians / bands / songwriters! Wanna record a couple songs or an album? I’m proud to announce the very 3rd official POP-UP STUDIO for WOW! Recording Studio! >> The Odd Fellows Temple, Downtown St. Catharines << I’m very excited to be back in this space recording/making music.  The tones and performances we achieved were top notch, and reminded me of BIG classic studio sounds (think Abbey Road Studio 2).

The idea with this ongoing project is to find wonderful and unique spaces to record and produce music in a professional, creative, and fun way. St. Catharines / Niagara has many special spaces, AND many talented musicians. This is for you! ALL MUSIC ACTS WELCOME. ALL STYLES WELCOME. AND rates are reasonable.

>>> Timeframe: 8 to 31 August <<<

Rates* and booking:

Phone 289-228-4791

*Student discounts available

Please reach out if you are looking to record your music with me, Joe Lapinski. I love working to create music in the moment, from the heart and soul. My goal as a producer is to capture something that’s never been heard, something that resonates uniquely in both the artist and listener.

I have helped to produce music with the likes of:

Ron Sexsmith
Sarah Harmer
Steven Fearing
Kevin Breit
Suzie Vinnick
Amanda Raeume
Dani Nash
Friendly Rich Marsella
Sam Cash
Brodie Lodge
Charles J Hunk
Aaron Berger & The Blue Stars
Strange Shakes
Laurel Minnes
Whitney Pea
The Woodshed Orchestra
Creature Speak
Bronx Cheerleader
The Bends
Edwin Conroy Jr.
Probable Fog
… plus a few others … all within the last 4 years.

Past pop-ups:

View all “teaser” videos from the Odd Fellows Temple POP-UP STUDIO:

Here’s a song by DRFTR from the 2016 Odd Fellows Temple POP-UP STUDIO:

Here’s a song from an album I co-produced and recorded in a loft in Toronto a couple summers ago – all live off the floor, starring Ron Sexsmith – The Woodshed Orchestra’s “Starry Eyed” – https://youtu.be/kFoZ0KoBHuU

Here’s an album I produced last summer in an old farm house in Jordan: Whitney Pea’s “Full Bloom” – https://whitneypea.bandcamp.com/album/full-bloom